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What we sell?


Alora Eco Green products are earth-friendly plates that are not treated with any chemicals. They stand up hot food and liquids. Our products won’t impart a taste and acts as a natural insulator indoors or outdoors. Our products are suitable for gatherings, parties, weddings and even for daily usage for those of you who would like to save water and earth!

Areca Products

Areca products are eco-friendly as well as disposable. These plates are the best alternative to plastic / polymer products and paper-based products.

Bagasse Products

Bagasse products are kind to the planet compared to traditional paper, plastic and foam disposables as they require no fossil fuels and no wood to make.

Cloth Bags

Cloth bags become a popular alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags, in part because cloth bags do not cause the environmental harm of plastic bags.

Goodness of Alora Eco Green Products

  • 100% Natural
  • Natural Production
  • Durable & Disposable
  • Do Not Conduct Heat

  • Organic
  • Elegant & Trendy
  • Naturally Strong
  • Replacement for Plastic

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